Fresh Roasted Coffee
Fresh Roasted Coffee





KONA: Hawaiian Kona is found on the southwest corner of Hawaii (the big island). Kona coffee is the most famous of Hawaiian coffees. Kona is grown on small farms on the slopes of Mauna Loa. The best grade is Extra Fancy . The small farms above 3,900 feet produce Kona that is better and more interesting than Kona coffees that are pooled and sold generically. Our authentic Kona is medium-bodied, fairly acidy, with subtle winy tones, very richly flavored and overwhelmingly aromatic. Make sure it is fresh roasted, otherwise you will never experience the qualities that make Kona famous.

BREAKFAST BLEND: The finest mountain grown Arabican beans blended together to create the perfect morning cup.

BELLA TRES RIOS: A dark-roasted, not overbearingly pungent, sweet with a touch of vanilla in the cup and aroma. Entire profile deepens, smoothes, and balances in the finish.


FRENCH ROAST: Blunt, smoky flavors are the objective of the roasting process and there's only a slight, residual acidity. Although it's a powerful blend, the body is light.

SULAWESI: Sulawesi coffees are low-acid with great body and that deep, brooding cup profile akin to Sumatra. The coffee is sometimes known as Celebes, which was the Dutch colonial name for the island.

SUMATRA: Rich, syrupy body, penetrating aroma and slightly earthy flavor with pronounced herbal nuances. This famous and rare coffee is considered by coffee connoisseurs as one of the finest in the world. It comes from Indonesia which has been known for its coffee since 1696.


DECAF HOUSE BLEND: A special blend of Columbian, Central, and Santos beans. Aromatic, flavorful, and full-bodied. Decaffeinated

DECAF SUMATRA: The bold, full-bodied dark roast is a great coffee to enjoy with your favorite chocolate treat. This shade-grown Sumatra has an earthy, yet spicy flavor that is sure to delight the palette. This dark roast is roasted fresh specifically for your order..

DECAF BREAKFAST BLEND: This medium-roast decaf coffee is a subtle introduction to the world of gourmet whole bean coffee. You'll enjoy the delicate top notes and bright floral, almost tea-like's a perfect drink for any time of day.

DECAF HAZELNUT: A smooth and nutty coffee that is a pleasure to drink.

DECAF FRENCH VANILLA: Warm and rich buttery vanilla.


FLAVORED ALMOND AMARETTO: This coffee tastes like smooth Amaretto liqueur with fresh slices of almonds.

FLAVORED CREAMY HAZELNUT: Rich, creamy, aromatic Hazelnut enhances this medium roasted specialty flavored coffee.

FLAVORED JAZZY JAVA: A pleasing combination of cinnamon, rum and pecans.

All our coffees are slow roasted and each bag is dated (roast on dating) to guarantee freshness. All coffee beans come in air tight silver foil bag with one way valves to preserve the great taste. You can choose the desired grind and roast for your coffee. Taste the difference!

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