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I interject creativity and innovation so that your web or blog site is professional, appealing, have substance and is unique for you, your business, or church. From a simple static web page of plain text to a more complex website with user interaction. Web development has been a growing industry and the growth of this industry is being pushed and utilized by businesses wishing to gain exposure, personal networking, marketing, enhance their established brick-n-mortar business and sell products and services to online customers. For more information, contact me about web or blog development and design for you. Quality work CAN be attained at an affordable rate.


Social media integration marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites integrated into your website. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs is a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access, which is growing more and more. Social media enhances communication, brand awareness, and improve customer service. It is a platform for businesses, churches, non-profits, corporations and organizations to implement marketing campaigns, interaction with one another and help in building relationships. What better way for consumers and customers to interact with you than through your social channels? Contact me for more information about social media integration marketing services.


Administrative services is a wide and various range of services to include: brochures, business cards, newsletters (print and online), programs, resumes, bulletins, flyers, souvenir booklets, postcards, invitations, certificates, menus, letterhead, and graphic services. With over 12 years of secretarial/administrative experience including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint; let Marilyn Web Design And More handle your administrative services needs.


Graphic design is a creative process conveying a specific message to a targeted audience, but also to those audiences which may not be aware of you. I focus on visual communication and presentation through your website graphics. Various methods are used to create a design such as words, symbols, shapes, color and images to form a visual representation of your ideas and messages. Graphic design includes logos, branding, publications such as magazines, newspapers and books; advertisements, posters and packaging. Graphic design can consist of bitmap, jpeg, gif, and vector graphics, enhancing digital photos, creating and optimizing web graphics, drawing, illustrating, painting, motion graphics, 3D, visual effects for film and video. Need to change, redesign or update? Contact Marilyn Web Design And More.


Flash has changed the web and how you experience it; and has become the standard for web animation, delivering highly interactive, rich media web sites and animations. Flash is used to create content for websites, web applications, games, movies, content for mobile phones and other embedded devices. Flash is a stunning visual experience offering your customers, potential customers and visitors creative, impressive, beautiful and fascinating interaction through banners, games, audio, animations, graphics and much more. Want more information? Contact Marilyn Web Design And More.


Game design is designing the contents and rules of a game in the pre-production stage until conception. It entails the design of gameplay, environment, storyline, and characters (if any) during the stages. Game design controls the artistic and technical elements in fulfilling your vision; which starts with an idea (YOUR idea), then goes through the modification on a new or existing concept. From simple user interaction to a more detailed process, let Marilyn Web Design And More "game" for you.


A logo is just one expression of the total concept of you. Your logo will be tailored for your website, brand and company identity to have a powerful impact on the way consumers and customers see you; and is used by enterprises, companies, businesses, organizations, non-profits and even individuals to help and promote public and online recognition. Logo's consist of just graphics [symbols or icons]; the company or organization name [logo type or word mark], or both for startup businesses, companies, non-profits, churches, small to medium enterprises and multinational corporations. My main focus is providing quality designs within your budget in a timely efficient manner.

Marilyn Denise Hawes Wilkins
Spartanburg, SC 29301

Telephone: 864.587.4897
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