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WELCOME! I have an interest in various things, but one of my favorite passtimes is to listen to music. This site consists of some different types of music and the affects and effects of such. People listen to music for different reasons. The effects and affects of music (positive or negative) on people can be categorized such as; Mood, Behavior, Psychological, Motor, and Intellectual. There are various types of music (to name a few) such as the following:
  • Classical / Reggae / Jazz / Pop
  • Punk / Piano / Alternative / Dance Electronica
  • Rock / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
  • Latin / Lite Sounds / Brazillain
  • Inspirational / Gospel
  • Rap / HipHop
  • Contemporary / Soundtrack
  • Jazz / Blues
  • R&B / Soul
  • Country / Folk /Bluegrass / Broadway Musical
Which type or types of music do you like? Click here to go to the music page (these are just music, no lyrics) to read about the affects and effects that music has, and to listen to the various music styles.

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