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Biography of Minister Lawrence Rush

“Since the release of his first album “He’s The Only One” in 2008, Lawrence Rush has become one of the most prominent breakthrough Gospel recording artists of his time.

The accomplished singer, musician, songwriter and minister has reached new heights to bring you his most creative project yet entitled, “Never Alone.”

His journey to spread God’s word through music didn’t come without years of self determination, discipline and most importantly – faith.

Lawrence, who is one of eight children, began singing in his family’s church at the age of 7. One day he boldly walked up to the front of the church during choir rehearsal and sung “I Need You To Hold My Hand” by the Truthess. The daring move prompted him to lead other songs in church. He later became one of the most talented lead vocalists in his junior high school chorus and also with a local steel drum band.

At the age of 14, the gifted singer and pianist wrote his first song, “No Coward Soldier.” Lawrence then began to embark on the task that God had laid before him – share his music ministry to the world. He credits several gospel legends with influencing him over the years. Those gospel greats include James Cleveland, Hezekiah Walker, The Clark Sisters and John P. Kee.

After years of writing, Lawrence decided it was time to record the inspirational songs. He began working with a prominent producer, Javier Dykes. It was Dykes who wanted to record one of Lawrence’s tracks with his gospel group called Fellowship Of Praz.

In August 2007, Lawrence’s dreams became a reality. His song entitled “He’s the Only One” was recorded. The single was released in March 2008. Lawrence then unleashed his first debut CD entitled, “He’s The Only One.” The CD’s overwhelming success was all the proof that Lawrence needed to fulfill God’s will.

This year, Lawrence will begin working on several other projects with various artists. He also will be performing soon in a city near you. Stay tuned. There’s much more to come from Lawrence Rush!

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